Put On Your Mucking Boots

Pumpkin Harvest!

Over 200 pumpkins harvested from the garden this year!  Last year we were so excited to harvest 50 pumpkins, so this year we planted even more pumpkin seeds:Big Macs, Sugar Pumpkins and miniatures!  Wow!


The vines overtook quite a bit of my garden, but I considered that a good thing, as they acted as mulch to the more tender sweet snap peas growing beside them.  The gigantic leaves in their dark green hues were a site to behold, especially living in an area with a very short growing season.  So until they were actually harvested, I had no idea that more than 200 beauties lay beneath that canopy of foliage!  There were pumpkins only a few inches around, all the way up to a dozen Big Macs weighing in at around 35 pounds!  


The Big Macs were a new addition and I was delighted by their coral hue.  Our 4 1/2 acres are now abounding in harvest decorations of pumpkins cascading off straw bales, the front porch, giant planters and a wheelbarrow full to overflowing.  

Well, since we seem to have more than we can possibly use, the pumpkins make a perfect addition to our fresh egg stand out front. Sixteen of them are now a harvest feature in someone else’s yard after just one weekend.

 The next step is to try our hand at preserving pumpkin for all of the pies, cookies, muffins, rolls and bread we like to enjoy flavored with this delightful garden treat!

Happily Harvesting Pumpkins Galore,



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