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Kately Jam Goes to The Fair!

This past month Katley Jam entered our best pie and cakes in our county fair!  Even though we were unable to enter it in a “Gluten Free” category, we decided we would go for it and enter it in with all the other gluten filled entries.  

Katie, Jacob and I brought our pies and cakes to be judged the Monday before fair and had a bit of fun with our name Kately Jam.  Now we originally came up with our name “Kately Jam” so we could all have our names on our food when we enter competitions.   So that is what we put down as our name when we signed up for fair.  Gluten Free Bread!  Second place!!

When we got there the day we turned in our cakes and pie, the lady who was helping with sign in came up with her clip board and asked us what our “last name” was.  All three of us looked at each other and then replied “Jam!”  The lady gave us a bit of a strange look and proceeded to look up our “last name.”  When she finally found it she looked amused and said “you really meant Jam as in Jam!”  Well, needless to say, we had a bit of a hard time explaining that all of us were Kately Jam to the nice assistant when she inquired further!

Now in case you are wondering, we did pretty well in the competition even though all of our food was gluten free.  We got a red (2nd) ribbon for our gluten free bread, honorable mention for our German chocolate pound cake, a blue ribbon for our 3 way pie and another blue ribbon for our lemon poppy seed cake!  Proving that gluten free food can taste just as good as you average cake made out of wheat flour!

I don’t have all the recipes typed up right now but I have had many request for them so I will be working on getting them all up!  Have a delightful time baking gluten free!

Dreaming of Yummy Cakes,


German Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe!

Lemon Poppy Seed Cake Recipe!


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