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Jazz Up That Purse and Make a New Sewing Memory!

Sewing!  It is one of my passions.  You could say it is in my blood; my grandma, great-grandma and great-great-grandma all sewed.   So, it is only natural that since my first encounter with a Singer feather weight when I was five, I have been hooked!!  If I have some free time, chances are as likely as not you can find me upstairs in the sewing room.

I love to share this passion with my friends and family.  This past week my friends Sarah and Hannah came over for a sleepover.   A sleepover that I had been awaiting since last summer, because Sarah one of my dearest friends, lives out of state.  We painted our nails while we watched the 2012 Olympics. We gave each other facials and then stayed up way past our bed times!  But the memory that I am most glad we made together was teaching Hannah and Sarah to sew!

Up in the sewing room we picked a a cute purse pattern, picked out our fabric, taught them how to cut the fabric using the pattern and then we got down to the really fun part of sewing.  Although the actual part of sewing was at first a bit daunting, like any new skill, the girls took to it quite well.  They learned about different parts of the machine, as well as nphraises well know to to seamstresses like “back tacking.”

By the end of the afternoon the next day Hannah and Sarah had completed that memorable accomplishment of their first sewing project!!!  With great taste in color combinations and stitching that was also very well done, they are off to a great start if they decide to continue to pursue sewing.

One of the fun decorative things that we added to the purses was a flower.  Now this is not only a great way to jazz up a simple purse and take it to the next level, but also a great technique for many other projects!  You could use it on a skirt or a dress bodice or add a flower to a ribbon to create a cute headband for a birthday present!

So next time you’re sewing and want to add something to take your project to the next level, consider adding a flower for added color, texture, detail and interest!  While you’re at it, remember that your next sewing memory might just be as close as a friend who has never sewn before.  Take it step by step.  Use a simple pattern and lot of encouragement and you can get anyone sewing!

Ready To Be Back At My Sewing Machine,


P.S.  Feel free to make up your own pattern or if you like get one of the many good books our there or check out this website: for patterns and inspiration Threads Magazine.


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