Odds and Ends

Veggies Over Ice Cream Tonight

We have always tried to eat healthy.  Fresh veggies from small backyard gardens delight us every summer.  Fast food has been a last resort.  Sweets here and there, though I wish I could eat cookies for every meal.  I am working on a healthy breakfast cookie in fact.  One that kind of tastes like a cookie, but is actually good for you.

After moving to small acreage 2 1/2 years ago, we decided to take it a step further and raise laying hens and chickens for meat.  We now have about 200 laying hens, sell dozens of farm fresh eggs from our pastured heritage chicken ladies.  We raise and process our own heritage chickens in a natural setting, putting up enough in the freezers to last us the year and selling enough to cover our costs.  And with 4 1/2 acres, it is our desire to produce as much of our own veggies as possible.  Last year, the deer won and we weren’t as successful as we had hoped.  This year we have moved the garden, are using chicken compost and have focused on quantity over variety.  Did I mention we live in an area where the average time between frosts is only about 90 days.  Yep, gardening is quite a challenge here on the high desert.  So any harvest from the garden is a treat.

Tonight we were delighted by green and burgundy beans, snap peas, cucumbers & carrots and even spinach chopped finely and added to our spaghetti sauce.  When I set this bounty on the table after dinner, my boys actually let their ice cream melt and chose these fresh garden treats to enjoy for dessert instead.  If you give them deliciously fresh veggies that they have had a hand in growing, maybe all kids would choose this bounty over ice cream.  Maybe not every time, but they did tonight!

Delightfully Harvesting,



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