Odds and Ends

Honey Bees, Hollyhock & Bee Balm

     An English Cottage style garden…bursting with a rainbow of color and assortment of flowers.  I have tried to stick with one color theme, but as soon as I enter the nursery all bets are off as I am completely enamored by the variety of flowers to choose from.  A little yellow here, a dash of purple there, a splash of orange, a backdrop of pink, a burst of red, the crispness of white…  There are just too many colors to settle for one or two.  So I fill my wagon with the blooms that grab my attention and won’t let go, with the flowers filled with the most buds waiting to open, with the longest lasting blossoms.  With a growing season of just about 90 days between frosts, it is important to choose wisely the flowers that will grace my garden.  I am a “more is merrier” kind of gal when it comes to my flower gardens.  My focus this year on our 4 1/2 acres was to beautify the front of our porch and house.  Living in our country home for the 3rd summer, I had one goal in mind…add color through flowers to this part of our yard and send out a call to the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds of the neighborhood to stop in for a daily visit.  

     My invitation to stay awhile has been rewarded through the planting of Bee Balm, both the Pink Lace and Jacob’s Cline (red) varieties have encouraged daily visits from local hummingbirds.  The Hollyhocks make the perfect resting place for our honey bees seeking nectar.  The multitude of Lavenders, Munstead, English Hidcote, Provence and Grosso beckon the bees to come out of their hive for a mid summer treat.  And the butterflies…well, the wide array of color calls to many a butterfly to sip from the sweet flowers.  Add to that a few Shasta Daisies, Burgundy Gallardia, pink Echinacea, Lemon Thyme, ever blooming rose bushes, balloon flowers, Oriental Poppies, Day Lilies and it is a delight for all who enter, but especially the winged wonders.

Delightful Gardening,



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