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Homemade Facial

What is more fun than getting together with your girl friends and watching “chick flicks” while pampering each other with homemade natural facials?  If you haven’t tried this sleepover activity, then you are missing out!  Not just on getting clean, healthy feeling skin, but also the joy of pampering that sweet friend in your life!

This could also be a special and unique way to spoil your mom!  We all know our moms don’t take enough time for themselves!  So, let your mom be the one that is spoiled for an evening of fun and relaxation.  In the process, you might even be able to get a brother involved for what is surely a good lesson for being a good husband someday. 

Whoever you are doing this with or for, it is a relaxing and a great way to show someone how much you care about them!  All while you make memories and spend time together!


To make this experience as relaxing as possible make up all three recipes I shared have below.  Most everything is likely to be on hand, but if you don’t have the ingredients, just search around on Google for homemade facial recipes.  That is exactly what I have done in the past!  Although not everything has been a success (like mashed up bananas sliding down your face!  Yuck!), we have always found at least one we like!

Next, put a small towel (one for each girl) in a large bowl and pour hot water (usually warmed in a kettle to get it steamy enough)  over them.  This creates towels to steam your face with!

Once your sleeping bags are rolled out and p.j’.s donned, take two towels, one to cover the pillow with and the other to cover the front of the facial recipient with, in case of dripping.  Last, but not least, turn on your favorite classical music or play your favorite soothing music.  Then dim the light or turn on a lamp to create an atmosphere of soft light! 

With four girls we usually have two stages where two girls get their facials done by two of the other girls and then we clean up, get fresh water and trade places.

  1. Place the warm towel over your friend’s face to create a steam treatment to open up pores.  Keep this on until the towel grows cold.
  2. Gently apply the Sugar Scrub and then using the towel and bowl of water, gently wipe off.
  3. Next, using your fingers, apply the foam from the Egg White Facial Treatment and let it partially dry and then wipe off (or until your friend wants it wiped off).
  4. Take the  warm Green Tea Face Mask and carefully apply a layer to your friend’s face.  Then take your steaming towel and place it over your friend’s face.  Once the mask has hardened, gently remove as best as possible.  This is the stage you will definitely want a towel over your friend as it can get a bit crumbly!
  5. Have your friend wash away any remaining treatments in a sink!
  6. Cleanup and switch friends so everyone has a turn!

This should all be done slowly, while taking your time, so that it is refreshing and relaxing.  Have fun with your friends, while being pleasantly surprised at the effectiveness of this facial!  I hope you enjoy this at your next sleepover and make sure to give your mom a natural facial too!!!

With a Clean Complexion,


Sugar Face Scrub

1 cup sugar

3 drops Essential oil (LAVENDER preferably)


In a medium sized bowl, combine the essential oil and sugar.  Gradually add water until is is sort of like a paste.  Make sure it is not runny (if that does happen just add more sugar).  Gently apply the scrub to your face in a circular motion and then wipe it of.  This feels wonderful and leaves your face feeling clean and free of unwanted makeup and oil.

Egg White Facial Treatment




Combine all three ingredients and then whisk briskly until you create a nice bubbly foam on top of the mixture.  Gently apply the foamy top layer to your face and let set until it starts to dry.  Then rinse it off!

Green Tea and Rice Flour Face Mask

A pot of Green Tea

1 cup of rice flour

Essential oil (optional)

Once you have brewed you green tea slowly add the warm tea to the rice flour until it forms a paste that can be easily spread but is not very runny.  If desired, add the essential oils at this point.  Spread paste over your face and then place a warm cloth over it and let it set for a couple of minutes until it starts to harden!  Rinse off and enjoy your refreshed face.


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