Odds and Ends

The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show (2012)

The day had dawned and the Hinton family was getting ready to leave in the morning.  Yes, uncharacteristic of them as it might sound, they were up and moving by eight in the morning!!!  For what, you might ask?  And I would answer The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show of 2012!

For me (Megan), this is one of my favorite days of the year and it ranks right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas!  Gladly my family joins in the fun, as we all head out to see the quilts Katie and I have displayed this year in the show.  A spectacular change falls over the town of Sisters, Oregon as any free space capable of having a quilt hung on it, is draped in a beautiful quilt (worked on for hours and weeks by the person who made it). 

The town is transformed by the color of more than 1,300 quilts that hang from the sides of buildings all over town.  No two are alike, even when the same pattern is used!  To see as many possible quilts as possible, I walk as fast as I can up and down the streets and in the process I took pictures of more than 280 quilts I admired!  Yet, I was still unable to see all of the quilts on display!

Toward the end of the show, for the first time ever, it started to rain!  A real mountain thunderstorm was upon us!  Men with ladders rushed all over town taking quilts down, while the ladies folded and rushed the quilts to safety!  Even firemen lent a hand using their ladders to retrieve quilts from the sides of tall buildings!  Just like that, The Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show of 2012 had come to an early close and all the quilts were safe and sound out of the downpour!  What a day and what a frightening end (for the quilters) that thankfully turned out just fine!



One Happy Quilter with  New Ideas Swimming in her Head,



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