Odds and Ends

Out of my Comfort Zone and Into the Army

As Megan said earlier in the past, we both enjoyed going to many VBS’s every year.  Now that we are too old to go as kids, we go and help out with the kids!  I love this and think it is such a blessing to be able to work with them. At the beginning of VBS, I had taken on the role of an Adventure Team Leader. As the first day was starting, I had 5-6 boys.  Now I am a very big girly-girl, so having a team of mostly boys was a bit intimidating. But I love my little brothers and so how hard could it be?  Thanks to my other leaders, Noah and Anthony, who are more skilled at the whole boy thing, they started talking Star Wars and all was great and then…. I told Noah (who is very enthusiastic about Star Wars) that I had never seen Star Wars.  He breathed in saying, “What! You’ve never seen Star Wars!!!!!” And as all the boys found out, some seemed baffled. Anyway, for our team Noah gave everyone names from the army. I am “The General.” He is “Lt. Colonel.” Anthony is “Major.”  The Kids are all cadets: “Cadet 1, Cadet 2, Cadet 3….” and so on . I was getting way out of my ballet and American Girl Doll comfort zone. He had them doing push-ups (dare I tell them I can’t even do one?) I mean, girls were even asking not to be in our group. Finally, I got a few girls that seemed a bit scared so I told them it was not that bad and that girls did not have to do push-ups if they did not want to. Now it is Wednesday. I have some more girls and am pretty used to being addressed as “General,” but I am very thankful that I have some help in keeping the boys occupied. If it wasn’t for Noah and Anthony who knows? Maybe I would have had them doing ballet!



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