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Group Kids’ Games

I don’t know about you, but I am always on the look out for silly, clever and fun games to play with kids at church get togethers, BBQs and parties.  Though sometimes, the task of finding the games can be the biggest hurdle.  

Well, today was the first day of our church’s VBS and it was a blast!  Sadly, since I have reached the age that I no longer can be in one of the groups as a “kid,” I masquerade as a group “leader” and thus get to participate.  Alright, so I don’t really masquerade I actually do take my job seriously and find it such a blessing to be able to  work with all the kids.  I’d say it might even be better than going to VBS as one of the kids, but then that just might be going too far for this VBS crazy girl (Katie and I had the VBS’s rated by which was best when we were little and attended them accordingly!).

Anyway, I have strayed from my point!  While there today, there were some really fun games we played that I wanted to share with you!

Ready… Set…Peel!!!

#1 Banana Toes

Supplies: one banana and chair per player.

The object of this game is to be the first one to peel a banana.  Sounds easy until you find out that you can only use your toes to do this, NO HANDS!

Have participants sit on chairs facing the rest of the group!  Then place one banana at each person’s feet.  Once you say “go” the first person to successfully get their banana unpeeled wins!

#2  The Chariot Races!

Supplies: One hula hoop and rope per team.

After marking out a distance for the players to run, divide your players into at least two even groups.  Have the first group decide who will be the “horse” and who will be the “driver.”  

Next, have your “horse” stand in front with the hula hoop around their waist.  Then with the “driver” standing behind the hula hoop, loop your rope through the hula hoop and then place the two end in the “drivers” hands as reins.  

On the start of “go,” each team of “Horse” and Driver” must together successfully run the course you previously marked with the “driver” holding the reins running behind the “horse.”  Once they get back to their team, they must pass off the hula hoop and rope to the next two players who in turn will also must run the course.  The first team to have all players successfully run the course wins!

Have Fun Playing,



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