Put On Your Mucking Boots

Sun Dried Shirts

Why would anyone hang their clothes on a clothes line?  I mean, this is the 21st century!  Haven’t you heard of this thing called a dryer?  You know, that machine right next to your washing machine?

Yes, I know what a dryer is and yes, I have used one.  Actually, I have used one more then I would like to admit.  It’s right next to the washing machine, making it “conveniently” easy to forget that yes, there

are other means to dry clothes besides using mechanical means.

Yet my views on using a dryer to dry my clothes changed one summer back in 2007 or 2008 when our family was hit hard like many others by the recession.  Seeking means to cut back any way we could, our family not only discovered the money saving benefit of using a clothes line, but also the relaxing and enjoyable side of laundry that we had been missing out on by tossing it in the dryer.

Perhaps you are like me, I try and find the bright side of a task I must do and build on that until I am able to start enjoying it or at least not dreading it.  One task that is near the bottom of responsibilities that I don’t particularly enjoy is folding laundry.  Washing it is just fine, but I must confess more baskets of laundry then I would care to remember have sat unfolded for days just waiting for me, while getting wrinkled.

Yet, as I was outside hanging our laundry on the clothes line and then folding it, I actually found the process of folding clothes to be enjoyable.  Today, a slight breeze was tousling my hair as the mid-afternoon sun shone down.  I stood folding in the shade of the tree the line was attached to, while looking around at the green grass and beautiful flowers we have been waiting so long for, as the kittens played at my feet and Matthew and Kyle rode their bikes in between helping me take baskets of clothes in and out of the house.

Suddenly, it became a time where I could once again marvel at God’s wonderful handiwork as I worked with my siblings to complete a job that all of the sudden became a team effort that was more of a joy then a drudgery.  All at the same time, we were keeping the house cooler by not using a hot dry, not using any electricity or natural gas or chemical fabric freshener and in the end saving money and resources.  Which leads me to another point, the laundry we dried outside has a gloriously fresh summery scent, that to date has no rivals in it’s chemical counterparts.

Next time you go to do laundry, take a second to put up a clothes line and get outside and enjoy the process of folding it under the canopy of a blue sky and fluffy white clouds!  Or perhaps under the beautiful night sky full of stars?  Yes, I’ll make one last confession halfway through this post, I had to go outside with a flashlight and take down my brother’s sheets to make his bed so he could go to sleep.  As for the clothes still out there, well…  They should be just fine outside as long as it doesn’t rain!  What more can I say, it’s a work in progress!

With Clothes Folded and Needing to be Put Away,



4 thoughts on “Sun Dried Shirts

  1. Sweet! My problem is that we just don’t have enough space on our line to dry more than 2 loads and I wash 3-4 daily. But I too love the relaxation of hanging and then folding clothes off the line. Unless I’m taking them in FAST because of a storm! 😀 Coming over from Far Above Rubies link-up.

    1. Aw, yes, that can be a problem. In the past, I have hung the line from trees in our backyard and as long as I put the rope back when I’m done with it in the fall, no one seems to mind. Happily, this past year our neighbor welded me a more compact square clothes line thingymajig that has about enough space for one or two loads and is only about five by five square feet. Another plus is that by the time it takes to dry one load, because of our climate the one on the line will be dry.

      Thanks for the Visit,


  2. I love our laundry line. Unfortunately (well, it is a good thing, just unfortunate for line drying) it has been so rainy here in Kansas of late. I do love hanging things on the line – it also helps me get clothes put away because I fold items as I take them down. 🙂 And I love saving money and doing things “the old fashioned way.” Blessings!

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