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What color do you see the mountains?

As the beauty of summer is amazing me in its full force I can’t help but be filled with gladness for the creation of our Creator.  Don’t you just love gazing out at the mountains in the morning and then once again in the afternoon and by the time the sun is setting you have gazed upon their beauty and pondered Gods majesty numerous times throughout your day!

As you know Katie and I make art quilts and for the past month were working very hard to complete three in time for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  I am glad to say that we did complete all three art quilts with minimal loss of sanity (alright not quite minimal!).  While making the background on one of our quilts inspired by the Osprey nest just down the road from our house we discovered that the mountains do not look the same to everyone or even to the same person at different times of the day.

It all started in the sewing room when I said the part of the mountains that was not white was black while Katie was firmly convinced that they were sky blue!  After a debating this we went outside to see for ourselves what color they were.  Unfortunately we came to no firm conclusion and upon asking our friends and family we discovered the about 1/2 said they were blue, 1/4 said they were black and the other 1/4 said they were a purplish color.

After observing them for a couple of weeks I have come to the conclusion that no one was right or wrong.  This was just an example of how although we all see the same things they do not always look the same to two different people.  I also drew the conclusion that at different times of the day and with different cloud coverage the mountains are continually appearing a different color.  Leading me out of curiosity to ask you this question.    What color do you see the mountains?


This was the inspiration for our quilts and one of the three mountains that sparked our question.

One thought on “What color do you see the mountains?

  1. I, too, have the privilege of seeing these mountains daily. And I agree with all of the color observers…it’s hard to tell the nuances of light and shadow sometimes. Makes it even harder to quilt, using just the right color! They are awesome in any color, though. Congrats! I saw all your projects at the County Fair! Rosanne Croft

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